Congregational Resource Guide
March 26, 2020

Creating a Good Virtual Worship Experience

I’ve “attended” several synagogue and church worship services over the last weeks and must report my disappointment. That’s a nice way of saying that most really stink. Live streaming a regular worship service just doesn’t work. Remember that as soon as you put something on a screen, the viewer compares it to everything else they…

November 21, 2019

4 Questions Before Redesigning Your Website

Websites are the “front door” for congregations, and having a web presence is no longer optional. Visitors often search for a new church home online. Savvy congregations even use their websites to gather information from people. Investing the right resources in a website can help your congregation attract new visitors and better interact with members.…

May 16, 2018

How Do You Use Social Media?

How does your congregation use Facebook? If you are a clergyperson, do you manage Twitter or Instagram for ministry? How about Pinterest or Snapchat or YouTube? An instrument for ministry The congregations that make the best use of Facebook and other social media are the ones that view these tools as instruments for ministry, not…